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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Storage Space" Script Update

I finished the second draft of the "Fair Trade" segment on Saturday. Did some clarification and a little better exposition so that it makes sense. I pared down some of the talky dialogue and made the whole thing flow better. It's got action, sex, crashed UFO's, Men in Black, cool scientists, torture, and a trio of great heroes. That segment is now running 52 pages.

I just finished the second draft of the "Hero" segment a few minutes ago. The segment now features a couple of murders, various elements of mayhem, toxic waste, heroic luchadores, attacking rebels, alien technologies, and a kid in peril. All in 25 pages!

So now the complete 2nd draft is done! The whole script is coming in at 93 pages.

Now comes the fun part: Figuring out how to get it produced!

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