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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The latest and greatest

I just finished the storyboards for the first segment of the "Storage Space" film: No Place Like Home. I did 255 storyboards, with 56 of them done today. While no one would ever say they're great art, they do at least tell the basic story through pictures. Next is the second segment "Fair Trade." That one is going to take awhile because it is pretty substantial in length.

In other news, I got more rejections on both "Wedding Enforcer" and "Wife of the Bad Guy." But at least one of the rejection letters for each was encouraging: "Wedding Enforcer" comments said "A committed ensemble. And full of funny bits." The "Wife of the Bad Guy" comments said, "A clever premise. Now we know where the real power lies." So they got both of them! That's really all that I wanted and it looks like I accomplished it. So things are looking up, even if neither one has been accepted by a festival.