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Monday, April 19, 2010

More "Storage Space" Progress

I just bought a videocamera off eBay that I'll use for the "Storage Space" shoot. It's a Sony VX2000 that the seller reportedly just got checked out by Sony.

I've also been continuing with the storyboards. I'm up to over 100 thus far. (I was home sick from work today and used the time on storyboards. I got over fifty done today.)

Still got to work on overall planning of locations, crew, etc. This is going to be a lot more complex than anything I've done to date.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Storage Space" Status

I've been working on the storyboards and the breakdowns for the Storage Space project. While I'm not the world's greatest artist, these storyboards really help me to visualize what we'll need to shoot in order to tell the strange stories that take place at the "We Stor 4 U" facility. I'm up to the 20th board. Lots more sketches to go.

As I do the breakdowns, I'm getting a handle on how many characters and locations are really going to be involved with this (and I'm only 13 scenes in!) This will not be a small undertaking, lemme tell ya!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Storage Space" Script Update

I finished the second draft of the "Fair Trade" segment on Saturday. Did some clarification and a little better exposition so that it makes sense. I pared down some of the talky dialogue and made the whole thing flow better. It's got action, sex, crashed UFO's, Men in Black, cool scientists, torture, and a trio of great heroes. That segment is now running 52 pages.

I just finished the second draft of the "Hero" segment a few minutes ago. The segment now features a couple of murders, various elements of mayhem, toxic waste, heroic luchadores, attacking rebels, alien technologies, and a kid in peril. All in 25 pages!

So now the complete 2nd draft is done! The whole script is coming in at 93 pages.

Now comes the fun part: Figuring out how to get it produced!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Storage Space Update

I just finished writing the second draft of "No Place Like Home" - the first segment of the feature film Storage Space. I think it works both on its own and as part of the feature.

"No Place Like Home" is about a sad sack of a guy who loses his job, his marriage, and his home and ends up living in his storage unit - and the strange things that happen there.

"No Place Like Home" is a monster story. Segment 2, entitled "Free Trade," is a science fiction story about alien devices and the people who get hold of them. "Hero," the third segment, is about a young boy who runs afoul of a vicious street gang and what happens when they pursue him into the storage facility.

I'm just starting on the re-write of "Free Trade." It's the longest of the three segments at 43 pages. It'll also be the toughest to film because it has more actors, locations, costumes, special effects, props, etc. So I may end up shooting the first and third segments first and then diving into Segment 2.

Wish me luck!