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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wedding Enforcer Music

I just received the four new, original tunes for The Wedding Enforcer from our intrepid composer, George VanWagner. They sound very good: fun and funky. I'll upload them into Final Cut tomorrow. I'm looking forward to experiencing the movie with the new music.

In other news, one of the actors from that movie requested a letter of recommendation from me: she's applying to the Lee Strasberg Institute for acting. I hope she gets in. Here's a photo of her (Idalia Enriquez) from our day of shooting the wedding scenes in Lakewood.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Storage Space Script First Draft

I've just printed out the first draft script for Storage Space: 66 pages. It'll need some re-work, fleshing-out (typical features are 90 pages or more), re-formating, and cleanup, but there's something distinctly satisfying in being able to say, "I just wrote a script for a feature film." Ya know!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The News in Mid-March

- Just picked up a used Sony VX2100 videocamera on eBay. Should arrive in the next few days. Assuming that its in good shape (I've had good luck with most of the equipment I've bought off eBay), I should be able to make some really nice looking images. Now for a script to shoot!
- I've made some good progress on the story outline for the segment "Hero" for the feature film Storage Space that I'm writing. It's coming along pretty well.
- As far as the status of Wedding Enforcer and Wife of the Bad Guy, I've received a few rejection notifications and on a few the notification deadlines have passed without my receiving an acceptance notice. So thus far we're batting zero on acceptances. Ah well. A bit of a downer, but ya pays your money and takes your chances.
- We just finished watching the DVD for Nun of That, a silly bad, fun action comedy that's chock full of gags, action, violence, sex, and bad kung fu. Ya gotta love any movie where Jesus, Ghandi, and Moses are "Sister Mary Wrath's" combat advisers.