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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy busy busy!

I'm working on the script for my first - gasp - *feature-length film* tentatively titled "Gone Fishing."

A couple of YouTube videos

Here's the trailer for my 2006 film, "Love, Honor, Cherish":

And for a laugh, here are the "Previews of Coming Distractions" from one of my earlier efforts, "Mafia of the Dead."

Wife of the Bad Guy

Bad Guy #1
Originally uploaded by PDR Films
Well, actually, our Bad Guy. From our upcoming production "Wife of the Bad Guy."

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Lovely Bride, Kathy

Our Lovely Bride, Kathy
Originally uploaded by PDR Films
Here are some production shots from "Wedding Enforcer."


Almost done!

I'm putting the finishing touches (I swear!) on Wedding Enforcer. So far, my test audiences have all laughed at the right places -- which is better than having them cry.

I'm hoping to have a "mini-premiere" sometime in January, and then it's off to hit the film festivals.

Next up, I'll be re-editing Wife of the Bad Guy, which should go much faster than Wedding Enforcer.

You too can make films!

Have you ever come out of a movie theater thinking "Hey, I could make a better film than that two-bit Hollywood hack!"

Well, so have I!

Follow along as I prove that you don't have to be a two-bit Hollywood hack to make a good film.