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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's Been Happening

I've been pretty busy lately and haven't updated this blog in too long. Here's what's happening.

On Thursday and Friday I'm headed out to the Palm Springs Short Filmfest film market. I'll take copies of both The Wedding Enforcer and Wife of the Bad Guy to see if I can djinn up some interest. In addition, I'll be taking out copies of the script for Storage Space and an urban fantasy series that I'm working on with a friend called Dead and Alive. (I just finished the script for the pilot this afternoon.)

Speaking of Storage Space, I've been talking to a number of potential actors for that film and have some interest from people in working on it. I've also done the storyboards for the first segment ("No Place Like Home") and have been working on the shot list for the third segment ("Hero")

I've done a little location scouting for the movie as well and have found some promising sites. (The local junior high school is closing and I'm thinking that I might be able to shoot some scenes for "Hero" there.)

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